• Considered the worlds best windy buoy.
  • Manufactured from tough flexible vinyl.
  • Blue reinforced rope holes.
  • Inflatable.
  • Resistant to common solvents and mineral oils.
  • Made in USA.

Applications:  High buoyancy buoy applications such as markers.

F40PFA0 Diameter 203MM Length 292MM A0 Flotation 6.1kg Available in Red , Yellow 20/ctn
F40PFA1 Diameter 279MM Length 381MM A1 Floatation 13.2KG Available in Pink 10/ctn
F40PFA2 Diameter 368MM Length 495MM A2 Floatation 31KG Available in Pink 10/ctn
F40PFA3 Diameter 432MM Length 584MM A3 Floatation 54.9KG Available in Pink 10/ctn
F40PFA4 Diameter 521MM Length 686MM A4 Floatation 85.2KG Available in Pink 10/ctn
F40PFA5 Diameter 686MM Length 914MM A5 Floatation 180.2KG Available in Pink 5/ctn
F40PFA6 Diameter 864MM Length 1118MM A6 Floatation 360KG Available in Pink 3/ctn
F40PFA7 Diameter 991MM Length 1372MM A7 Floatation 613.2KG Available in Pink 2/ctn