• Spiral Braided Polyester Cords.
  • Round solid braid with core.
  • Low stretch.
  • Excellent quality.
  • UV stable.
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Available in White.
  • Longer lengths and different lays may be available on application.

Applications:  Developed for Sash windows as a pulley cord.

T25SAS03H 3.0MM x 100M #No. 3. Hard Lay. Spool
T25SAS04H 3.5MM x 150M #No. 4. Hard Lay. Spool
T25SAS05 4.0MM x 150M #No. 5. Spool
T25SAS05H 4.0MM x 150M #No. 5. Hard Lay. Spool
T25SAS06 6.0MM x 150M #No. 6 Spool
T25SAS07 6.4MM x 150M #No. 7. Spool
T25SAS08 7.0MM x 150M #No. 8 Spool
T25SAS09 7.8MM x 150M #No. 9 Spool
T25SAS10 9.0MM x 100M #No. 10 Spool