• Best all purpose rope. Low stretches and remains soft when used.
  • Other sizes imported against firm orders.
  • 8 plait construction to avoid unlaying problems associated with 3 strand construction.
  • Standard lengths 110m. Cut lengths also available.
  • Manufactured to Quality Equipment Ltd specifications.
  • Made from high abrasion resistant Polyester filaments.
  • Blue tracer added as international approved identification for Polyester.
  • One of the best known synthetics that resist UV light.
  • Sinks in water.
  • Made to exceed the Australian Standard 4142.2-1993.

Applications:  Very popular as top quality anchor warps for larger boats. Also used as a premium mooring or docking line because of its low stretch properties.

R71PY24110C 24MM X 110M Weight 37.30 KG Breaking Load 6,714 KG Available in White Coil
R71PY28110C 28MM X 110M Weight 60.60 KG Breaking Load 10,908 KG Available in White Coil
  • Breaking Loads are maximum, safe working load is 1/6th of the maximum load.