• Extruded, twisted and packaged in New Zealand by NZ Rope & Twine Ltd.
  • Manufactured from Durafilm PP cast film.
  • Developed for the packaging and home use industry.
  • Soft feel.
  • Specifications developed for extreme conditions with yarns embossed to produce high tenacity and durable characteristics.
  • UV stabilized to meet our extreme UV conditions.

Applications:   Used in all areas requiring twine for securing such as parcels and garden applications.

T50QE1/700375 2625 M QE 1/700 Packaging 1 KG/700M, light duty Weight 3.75 Kg Breaking load 58 KG Available in White and Blue. Spool 4 Per Carton
T50QE1/450375 1690 M QE 1/450 Packaging 1KG/450M, medium duty. Weight 3.75 Kg Breaking load 90 KG Available in Orange. Spool 4 Per Carton
T50QE1/350375 1200 M QE 1/350 Packaging 1KG/320M, heavy duty. Weight 3.75 Kg Breaking load 126 KG Available in Blue. Spool 4 Per Carton
  • Breaking Loads are maximum, safe working load is 1/6th of the maximum load.