• Excellent breaking strain rope with shock absorption. Stretches 40+ % before breaking.
  • Plaited to avoid twisting and hardening problems that may occur in 3 strand laid ropes.
  • 12mm to 16mm.
  • Cut lengths available.
  • Manufactured to Quality Equipment Ltd specifications.
  • Made from high tenacity Nylon filaments.
  • Green tracer added as international approved identification for Nylon.
  • UV stabilized to meet our extreme UV conditions.
  • Sinks in water.
  • Made to exceed the Australian standard 4142.2-1993.

Applications:  Very popular as anchor warps, especially for vessels using auto winches because it will tend to lay in anchor wells better than 3 strand types. Caution; Because of the high stretch properties, Nylon should be avoided as a Tow Rope (sling shot)

R61NY12220C 12.0MM X 110M Weight 20.0KG Breaking Load 3000 Kg Available in White. Coil
R61NY14150C 14.0MM X 110M Weight 26.3KG Breaking Load 3945 Kg Available in White. Coil
R61NY16110C 16.0MM X 110M Weight 36.4KG Breaking Load 5460 Kg Available in White. Coil
  • Breaking Loads are maximum, safe working load is 1/6th of the maximum load.