Joe.jpgJoe Franklin Jnr is recognised as the global "mussel expert" with clients who are developing offshore shellfish farms in New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Brazil, USA, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Shetlands, France, Italy Belguim, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Bulgaria, Georgia, Turkey and Russia. Joe is a Managing Director of Quality Equipment, the largest mussel equipment company in Australasia.

Click the link below for a video of Mussel Farming, showing the use of our extensive range of quality equipment for the mussel Farming Industry.

QE Mussel Fishing Video - "Time To Farm Mussels"

Joe has also put together a brochure presentation that he takes with him when he visits Mussel Farming customers around the world.

QE Mussel Farming Brochure - "Mechanization and continuous Harvest Practice of the Modern Mussel Industry"