• Premium quality range.
  • Suitable for commercial and recreational use.
  • Victory brand knives are manufactured in NZ (1927) from German steel.
Applications:  Fish, Meat and general purpose applications.

Code Description Image
K10GOD802/22   Filleting Knife 22cm 2/802  Filleting Knife 22cm 2802.gif
K10GOD2/150/22 Filleting Knife 22cm 2/150  Filleting Knife 22cm 2150.gif
K10GOD710/15 Straight Filleting Knife 15cm 2/710  Straight Filleting Knife 15cm 2710.gif
K10GOD2/508/20 Straight Filleting Knife 20cm 2/508  Straight Filleting Knife 20cm 2508.gif
K10GOD506/22 Narrow Filleting Knife 22cm 2/506    Narrow Filleting Knife 22cm 2506.gif
K10GOD2/310/30 Fish Splitter Heavy Duty 30cm 2/310  Fish Splitter Heavy Duty 30cm 2310.gif
K10GOD307/17 Heading Knife 17cm 2/307  Heading Knife 17cm 2307.gif
K10GOD2/341/17 Serrated Knife 17cm 2/341  Serrated Knife 17cm 2341.gif
K10GOD601/05 Oyster Knife Single Edge 8cm 2/601  Oyster Knife Single Edge 8cm 2601.gif
K10VICSCAL Scallop Knife 11cm 5/920  Scallop Knife 11cm 5920.gif
K10GOD700/15 Boning Knife Curved 15cm 2/700  Boning Knife Curved 15cm 2700.gif
K10GOD2/223/17 Wide Boning Knife 17cm 2/223  Wide Boning Knife 17cm 2223.gif
K10GOD2/100/15 Skinning Knife 15cm 2/100  Skinning Knife 15cm 2100.gif
K10GODS4 Fish Filleting Sheath—Plastic S4  Fish Filleting Sheath_Plastic S4.gif
K10GODST131 Steel– Medium 30cm TI 31  Steel_Medium 30cm TI 31.gif
K10ACMACCU Accusharp Knife Sharpener  Accusharp Knife Sharpener.gif