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  • Range of Monofilament and Multi-mono filament in stock
  • Full indent (forward order) service is offered.

Applications:  Used by commercial gill net fishermen and recreational fishers.

Code Description Packaging
NMM12X64625180C   MULTI 0.12MMX6 4-3/4" 25MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMM12X65030180C MULTI 0.12MMX6 5.00”  30MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMM20X63430180C MULTI 0.20MMX6 3-1/2" 30MD 180M GREEN Hank


NMO284625180CL MONO 0.28MM 4-3/4" 25MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO284630180CL MONO 0.28MM 4-3/4" 30MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO285025180CL MONO 0.28MM 5-00" 25MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO285030180CL MONO 0.28MM 5-00" 30MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO285225180CL MONO 0.28MM 5-1/4" 25MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO3510100180CL MONO 0.35MM 1-00" 100MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO351460180CL MONO 0.35MM 1-1/2" 60MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO352050180CL MONO 0.35MM 2-00" 5 0MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO352250180CL MONO 0.35MM 2-1/4" 50MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO352440180CL MONO 0.35MM 2-1/2" 40MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO353036180CL MONO 0.35MM 3.00" 36MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO355030180CL MONO 0.35MM 5-00" 30MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO503036180CL MONO 0.50MM 3-00" 36MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO503430180CL MONO 0.50MM 3-1/2" 30MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO503430180GR MONO 0.50MM 3-5/8" 30MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO504036180CL MONO 0.50MM 4.00" 36MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO504225180BR MONO 0.50MM 4-1/4" 25MD 180M BROWN Hank
NMO505025180GR MONO 0.50MM 5-00" 25MD 180M GREEN Hank
NMO604225180BR MONO 0.60MM 4-1/4" 25MD 180M BROWN Hank
NMO605015180GR MONO 0.60MM 5-00" 15MD 180M GREEN Hank
NMO605020180GR MONO 0.60MM 5-00" 20MD 180M GREEN Hank
NMO605025180GR MONO 0.60MM 5-00" 25MD 180M GREEN Hank
NMO605040180CL MONO 0.60MM 5-00" 40MD 180M CLEAR Hank
NMO606215180GR MONO 0.60MM 6-1/4" 15MD 180M GREEN Hank
NMO606220180GR MONO 0.60MM 6-1/4" 20MD 180M GREEN Hank
NMO703530180CL MONO 0.70MM 3-5/8" 30MD 180M CLEAR Hank