• Mainline (Backbone) is made from high tenacity embossed Duradan yarns for maximum strength and minimal stretch.
  • Manufactured with Carbon black colourants, one of the most effective UV inhibitors available and best suited to NZ/Pacific high UV conditions.
  • Made from blended resins of virgin Polypropylene and polyethylene.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand by NZ Rope & Twine Ltd unless stated otherwise.
  • Made to exceed the Australian Standard 4142.2-1993.

Applications:  Aquaculture Mainlines, Backbones and Anchor Warps .

R00QE18220C 18.0MM X 220M Weight 32.80KG Breaking Load 5900KG Carbon Black Coil
R00QE20220C 20.0MM X 220M Weight 39.4KG Breaking Load 7000KG Carbon Black Coil
R00QE22220C 22.0MM X 220M Weight 48.4KG Breaking Load 8420KG Carbon Black Coil
R00QE24220C 24.0MM X 220M Weight 57.2KG Breaking Load 9950KG Carbon Black Coil
R00QE28220C 28.0MM X 220M Weight 78.10KG Breaking Load 13600KG Carbon Black Coil
R00QE32220C 32.0MM X 220M Weight 101.2KG Breaking Load 16800KG Carbon Black Coil
RAAQE36220C 36.0MM X 220M Weight 127.6KG Breaking Load 20000KG Carbon Black ( Coil
RAAQE40220C 40.0MM X 220M Weight 157.23KG Breaking Load 25000KG Carbon Black Coil
RAAQE48220C 48.0MM X 220M Weight 229KG Breaking Load 36150KG Carbon Black (Imported) Coil
  • Breaking Loads are maximum, safe working load is 1/6th of the maximum load.